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This Aluma Wallet  MasterCard Holder Is Modern-Looking, And Its Hard Case Protects Your Cards From Folding Or Damaging While Kept in An Exceedingly Pocket. It’ll Allow You To induce Easy Accessibility To Every Card Thanks To Its Functional Design. It May Be Easily Kept in Your Purse Or Directly In Your Pocket.



Product Description

What is Aluma Wallet in Pakistan?

Aluma Wallet in PakistanEveryone has insecurity about saving essential cards and money. The solution to this problem is a specially designed Wallet. Aluma Wallet is designed with Aluminium and it enables you to secure your important cards, cash, bills, and other papers that you just usually placed in your wallet and worried close to drop them. you’ll close and open the Aluma Wallet with a one-click button to supply security to your magnetic information, which stores within the sort of credit cards.

You’ll be able to place up to fifteen cards in 7 expandable pockets made from PVC. This wallet has the feature of water-resistant to guard your data on rainy days, and every card becomes safe and dry. Aluma Wallet Price in Pakistan, Secure your money and valuable cards in an exceedingly professional way by using an Aluminium Case Wallet MasterCard Holder, which keeps all of your money and valuable cards safe and secure.

Further, the wallet features a compact size and sleek design to hold it everywhere in your pocket easily. The Aluma Wallet in Lahore, is so reasonable here that creates it more preferable. except for it, you’ll be able to also see other Aluminium wallet and Men’s wallet. Now you’ll use the cutting-edge Aluma wallet to satisfy all of your cash storage needs.  5 Seconds Fix Pro The new Aluma wallet isn’t a normal wallet. This wallet is formed from high-quality and sturdy aluminum. This wallet is incredibly lightweight and waterproof.

Aluma Wallet in Pakistan Specification:

This MasterCard Holder is modern-looking, and its hard case protects your cards from folding or damaging while kept in an exceedingly pocket. it’ll allow you to induce easy accessibility to every card thanks to its functional design. It may be easily kept in your purse or directly in your pocket. It also helps to dam RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanning of your credit cards by thieves.

Aluma Wallet in Islamabad designed for credit cards, money, business cards, ID card, and other valuable cards. Now all of your cash and document wouldn’t get wet in the rain. The special design of the wallet keeps your valuable, cash, and jewelry items secure. Laptop Table Other than cash, you’ll also keep your MasterCard, debit card, important documents, and other valuables within the wallet Aluma wallet in Pakistan.

  • Water-proof design
  • Nearly Indestructible design
  • Suitable for both men and girls
  • Made of die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Click the button for straightforward opening and shutting
  • Easy open latch for hassle-free use
  • Ultra-slim outer body
  • 7 cards slot
  • Water-resistant
  • Compact size
  • Designed for both men and girls
  • Nearly indestructible
  • Fits in any purse or pocket
  • Color:    Random Colors

Aluma Wallet in Pakistan

Secure your money and valuable cards in an exceedingly professional way by using Aluminium Case Wallet MasterCard Holder, which keeps all of your money and valuable cards safe and secure. Aluma Wallet in Karachi is the simplest to save your credit cards and cash and help to secure them from thieves. Stealing is a quite common issue these days. And sometimes while removing our wallets vital cash or cards are dropped down. For this purpose, these wallets are very useful.

It is the simplest and unique wallet that saves your credit cards and cash and secures them from stole. This wallet won’t only protect your valuables from dust and dirt.  But from the water too. The slim, stylish, and classy design wallet is equally suitable for both men and ladies. it has many features like its special design make it waterproof. Also, it’s Compact, and most importantly designed for both men and ladies. So both can use it. Shoe Rack It is nearly indestructible and fits in any purse or pocket.


Aluma Wallet in Pakistan has the following features

  • It is available in many various colors.
  • Many pockets are available in it.
  • It appears like a tiny low briefcase, which secures your money and cards.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Water-resistant material.
  • Includes seven expandable pockets
  • Made of resistant PVC to suit up to fifteen cards
  • Click-button closing.
  • Striated/sleek finishing for aluminum, gold and black
  • Water-resistant material.
  • Includes seven expandable pockets fabricated from resistant PVC to suit up to fifteen cards.
  • Click-button closing
  • Striated/sleek finishing for aluminum, gold, and black.
  • Ultra Slim Aluma Wallet – Silver
  • product of a die-cast aluminium alloy
  • Ultra-slim outer case
  • water-resistant to stay your valuables dry
  • Compact size is great for both men and girls
  • Nearly indestructible
  • Designed from Aluminium alloy
  • Lightweight and ultra-slim

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