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Braun Hair Dryer in Pakistan

What is Braun Hair Dryer in Pakistan?

Braun Hair Dryer in Pakistan is a device that helps to dry the wet hairs by blowing. in your busy schedule, you are doing not have time to create coiffure after shampooing the hair because hair is wet to attend until they dry you’re visiting late from your school, university or job or anywhere you go early morning. once you tie wet hair all day they get smelly and stuffed with sebum that affects your hair and causes many hair problems. to induce obviate these problems we have introduced a hairdryer in Pakistan that instantly dry your hair and permits you to form a hairdo without trifling it is getting late.

Braun Hair Dryer in Pakistan gives you dry moisturized hair the whole day. maybe a salon-quality dryer with a high-powered motor that offers the user faster drying time. Biolife Hair Gro Therapy It contains a ceramic component together with an ionic generator, which both allow even heating and better styling. It includes multiple options for warmth and speed and has other features like a cool shot button, an airflow concentration, and an extra-long cord.

How Hair Dryer Works?

The blow dryer dries your hair by speeding up the evaporation of water from the hair’s surface. the immediate air from a dryer increases the temperature of the air surrounding each strand of hair. the nice and cozy air contains more moisture than air at temperature, more water can move from your hair into the air. the increase in temperature also makes it easier for the individual molecules in an exceedingly water droplet to beat their attraction to a minimum of each other and move from a liquid to a gas state. The dryer draws 1875 watts and requires 120V. The body of the dryer is of a burgundy-colored composite, which encompasses a velvety texture that provides the dryer a non-slip quality.

The Braun Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan contains a streamlined, smooth shape that produces it easily maneuverable when held within the hand. Baby Carrier Belt The button and switches on the dryer are manufactured from a preadolescent, durable plastic and are visibly marked with either a snowflake, waves, or fans. The airflow concentration could be a flattened cone and is created from a smooth plastic material. The 6-foot-long electric cord is of sturdy rubber. The front of the dryer, or the barrel, contains the element. The barrel on the is 2 inches in diameter. The element inside is a ceramic coat and amid an ionic generator.

How To Use?

  • When you infix the Braun Hair Dryer in Pakistan and switch the switch to “on,” the current flow through the drier.
  • The circuit first supplies power to the constituent. In most Braun Hair Dryers, this can be often a bare, coiled wire. But in models that are costlier. There is also fancier materials in action, a form of a tourmaline-infused ceramic coating.
  • The current then makes the small motor spin, which turns the fan.
  • Braun Hair Dryer thru the heated element. The generated heat warms the air by forced convection. As the air flows over.
  • The hot air streams out the highest of the barrel.
  • The Braun Hair Dryer Online in Pakistan airflow generated by the fan inside it down the barrel of the hairdryer, over and thru the element.
  • Now that we have got the heat, read on to go looking out how the blower gets that heat moving.


Braun hairdryer includes multiple options for warmth and speed and has other features like a cool shot button, an airflow concentrator, and an extra-long cord.

  • It helps to dry hair quickly
  • Keep the hair moisturized
  • Give you an amazing look
  • Braun Hair Dryer in Pakistan Price works instantly to finish its work
  • It consists of durable plastic and high-quality material
  • has different heat settings
  • Perfect Shaper It stops hair from entangling

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