Neo Hair Lotion

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Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan 

Neo Hair Lotion by Green Wealth is the lotion to nourish hair roots, restore and generate new hair. It’s excellent to treat baldness, hair fall, thin hair, dandruff and scalp problems. Regular use of Hair Lotion by Green Wealth continually indulekha Hair Oil in Pakistan will provide satisfied results within 3 months. No worry of your unsatisfied characteristics, hair fall, thin hair, oily hair, and baldness whether caused by heredity Minoxiwell Hair Grow Oil  or deterioration anymore as the various herbal extracts contained within can effectively work to treat all your hair problems.

Neo Hair Lotion Benefits:

Provides nutrients to increase hair growth
Nourishes hair to be strong
Stimulates the blood circulation on scalp
Reduces hair fall
Treats dandruff

Neo Hair Lotion ingredients:

White Ginseng Extract
Cantaloupe Extract
Saw Palmetto Extract
Coconut Oil Extract and Raw Honey
False Daisy Extract,
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